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Opera Travel is proud of the efficiency for the trips and services provided to its customers with very competitive rates. All travellers and pilgrims are important to us as we offer them fully tailored experiences to meet their travel needs. We also earn the confidence of our customers by adding them to our top priority to ensure that their trips go as smoothly as possible. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals in the field of tourism, Hajj and Umrah enables us to arrange the best offers, trips and solve the unexpected situation on your journey around the clock to get the most enjoyment of your trip with a Peace of mind.


History of Opera Travel:

Opera Travel is established as a category “A” tourism company in 1974. During this period, we gained the necessary experience and we have the full potentials that rank us one of the best tourism companies in Egypt, especially in religious tourism, Hajj and Umrah trips. Our target isn’t only to become the most famous company in Egypt but in the whole Arab country as well. We are offering our services to a wide range of customers inside and outside Egypt. We served thousands of pilgrims and travellers to different parts of the world that qualified us with our growth over the years to be the best in Hajj, Umrah and other trips. Our branches can be found in Heliopolis, Down Town and Mohandessein areas with more than fifty employees at the highest level of qualification and training at your service.


Opera Travel Targets:

Opera Travel aims to offer a range of services such as Hajj and Umrah trips, inbound & outbound programs and tours, domestic trips and airline tickets. Keeping up with the highest standards and providing our customers with all the information and updates so that they can enjoy an unforgettable travel experience. One of the most important objectives of Opera Travel is to take part in supporting the Egyptian economy, enhancing investment and development opportunities by bringing more tourists and marketing Egypt internally and externally. In addition, we are participating in the process of activating tourism through the program of supporting Egypt and also contributing to create many job opportunities for the youth. Thus, our especial and competitive rate offers give us a tangible presence in the tourism sector in the Egyptian market as well as promoting of international tourism.


Opera Travel Vision:


In order to become a leading company in the field of tourism, Hajj and Umrah and to manage internal and external destinations requests, we should be able to offer our clients more services, get in touch with them and gain their trust. Our Opera Travel team is able to do so with great confidence and loyalty to all sorts of customers. We are also able to achieve a wider growth and spread in the field of religious, domestic and international tourism because of the way we manage our business day by day, and in the line with the directives of the Egyptian leadership. We stand and support the national economy of our beloved country and we also have a future vision in enhancing cooperation with the country systems, various ministries and authorities to improve the level of tourism activity and its labors, thereby enabling us to effectively fulfill our mission and vision.




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